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Swingin' Alto Sax 1946~1954

Audio Park APCD-6117

*1 1947/11/04      Charlie Parker Quintet    WOR Studio, New York NY
Charlie Parker (as); Miles Davis (tp); Duke Jordan (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (ds).

*2 1947/12/01-02A      Charlie Parker Quartet    'Carnegie Hall Recorders', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Hank Jones (p); Ray Brown (b); Shelly Manne (ds).

*3 1950/06/06      Charlie Parker Quintet    prob., 'Mercury Studio', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Dizzy Gillespie (tp); Thelonious Monk (p); Curly Russell (b); Buddy Rich (ds).

*4 1946/09/04      Sonny Stitt Quintet / The Be Bop Boys     NYC
Kenny Dorham (tp); Sonny Stitt (as); Bud Powell (p); Al Hall (b); Kenny Clarke (ds).

*5 1953/11/16      Sonny Stitt & His Orchestra     Recorded at Fulton Studios, NYC.
Sonny Stitt(as); Don Elliott(melp); Kai Winding(tb); Jerry Sanfino(ts,piccoro); George Berg(bars); Al Williams(p); Charles Mingus(b); Jo Jones(ds); Santos Miranda(cong); Johnny Richards(cod, arr).

*6 1951/01/15      Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra    NYC.
Nelson Williams (tp); Lawrence Brown (tb); Johnny Hodges (as); Al Sears (ts); Leroy Lovett (p); Al McKibbon (b); Sonny Greer (ds).

*7 1951/02/28      Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra    NYC.
Emmett Berry (tp); Lawrence Brown (tb); Johnny Hodges (as); Al Sears (ts); Leroy Lovett (p); Lloyd Trotman (b); Sonny Greer (ds).

*8 1947/11/00      Willie Smith Quintet    Radio Recorders Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Willie Smith (as); Dodo Marmarosa (p); Barney Kessel (g); Red Callender (b); Jo Jones (ds).

*9 1952/09/00      The Dave Brubeck Quartet    San Francisco
Dave Brubeck (p); Paul Desmond (as); Lloyd Davis (ds); Wyatt "Bull" Ruther (b); Bob Bates (b); Joe Dodge (ds).

*10 1949/09/22      Sonny Criss And His Orchestra    Los Angeles, CA
Sonny Criss (as); Hampton Hawes (p); Iggy Shevack (b); Chuck Thompson (ds).

*11 1951/07/07      Spike Robinson with the Ronnie Ball Trio
Spike Robinson (as); Ronnie Ball (p); Sammy Stokes (b); Victor Feldman (ds).

  1.Scrapple From The Apple *1
  2.Don't Blame Me *1
  3.The Bird *2
  4.An Oscar For Treadwell *3
  5.Good Kick *4
  6.Shine On Harvest Moon (Bayes, Norworth) *5
  7.Rabbit's Blues *6
  8.The Jeep Is Jumping *7
  9.Sophisticated Lady *8
10.Lulu's Back In Town *9
11.The First One *10
12.Spike's Delight *11
13.Autumn In New York / Charlie Mariano with Nat Pierce & His Orchestra /1949
14.Lullaby In Rhythm / Boots Mussulli Quartet /1954
15.Afrodesia / Bud Shank with Shelly Manne & His Men /1953
16.Sleigh Ride / Herb Geller Quartet /1954
17.Brown Gold / Art Pepper Quartet /1952
18.Surf Ride / Art Pepper Quartet /1952
19.Suzy The Poodle / Art Pepper Quartet /1952
20.You And The Night And The Music / Art Pepper with Shelly Manne & His Men /1953

Jazz with Strings 1946~1954

Audio Park APCD-6119

*1 1946/01-02     Dizzy Gillespie With Johnny Richards Orchestra     Los Angeles, CA,
Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) Al Haig (piano) Ray Brown (bass) Roy Hall (drums) + 6 strings, 4 woodwinds, a harp, a french horn, Johnny Richards (arranger)

*2 1947/11-12     Duke Ellington and his Orchestra     Radio Recordars, Hollywood, CA.
Harry Carney (bs); Billy Strayhorn (p); Fred Guy (g); Oscar Pettiford (b); Sonny Greer (ds); unidentified strings section. Duke Ellington (arr)

*3 1954/12/13     Harry Carney with Strings     Recorded at Fine Sound, New York
Harry Carney (bs), Tony Miranda (frh), Ray Nance (t,vln), Jimmy Hamilton (cl,ts), Mac Ceppos, Martin Donegan, Ben Gerrard, Howard Kay, Eugene Orloff,
Sylvan Shulman, Zelly Smirnoff, Isadore Zir (vln), Sidney Edwards, Doris Johnson, Alan Shulman (vc), Leroy Lovett (p), Billy Bauer (g), Wendell Marshall (b),
Louie Bellson (ds).

*4 1952/     Benny Carter & His Strings & The Oscar Peterson Quartet     NYC

*5 1947/12/01-02B      Neal Hefti Orchestra    'Carnegie Hall Recorders', NYC
Neal Hefti Orchestra (exact personnel unknown) Charlie Parker (as).

*6 1949/11/30      Charlie Parker with Strings    'Mercury Studios', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Stan Freeman (p); Ray Brown (b); Buddy Rich (ds); Mitch Miller (oboe); Myor Rosen (harp); Bronislaw Gimpel (vln); Max Hollander (vln); Milt Lomask (vln); Frank Brieff (vla); Frank Miller (cello); Jimmy Carroll (arr, cond).

*7 1952/01/22-23      Charlie Parker with Strings    NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Chris Griffin (tp); Al Porcino (tp); Bernie Privin (tp); Will Bradley (tb); Bill Harris (tb); Toots Mondello (as); Murray Williams (as); Hank Ross (ts); Art Drelinger (ts); Stanley Webb (bs); Verley Mills (harp); Lou Stein (p); Art Ryerson (g); Bob Haggart (b); Don Lamond (ds).

*8 1953/10/12     Charlie Ventura with Orchestra

*9 1952/10/02     Buddy DeFranco Quartet With Richard Maltby's Orchestra     NYC
Buddy DeFranco (cl); Kenny Drew (p); Curly Russell (b); Art Blakey (ds); Luis Martinez (cong); Richard Maltby (arr, cond) + strings.

*10 1953/01/00     Buddy DeFranco Quartet With Richard Maltby's Orchestra     NYC
Buddy DeFranco (cl); Kenny Drew (p); Milt Hinton (b); Art Blakey (ds); Richard Maltby (arr, cond) + strings.

*11 1953/00/00     Buddy DeFranco With Richard Maltby's Orchestra     NYC
Buddy DeFranco (cl) unknown orchestra + Strings.

  1.The Way You Look Tonight (Kern)2:59*1
  2.Why Do I Love You ? (Kern) 2:32*1
  3.Who ? (Kern)3:08*1
  4.All The Things You Are (Kern)2:25*1
  5.Sono 4:40*2
  6.Frustration 3:37*2
  7.Moonlight On The Ganges 3:46*3
  8.We're In Love Again 3:46*3
  9.Bewitched, Bothered & Bewilderd 3:20*4
10.Cocktail For Two 3:05*4
11.Repetition (N. Hefti)3:04*5
12.I Didn't Know What Time It Was (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)3:19*6
13.If I Should Lose You (L. Robin-R. Rainger)2:52*6
14.Autumn In New York (V. Duke)3:35*7
15.My One And Only Love (Wood-Wellin)3:20*8
16.Julie (Tiomkin-Wolecott)3:12*8
17.Street Scene (Newman)3:09*9
18.Over The Rainbow (Rogers)3:20*9
19.Lost In The Night (Maltby)3:03*10
20.Jet Propulsion (Maltby)3:13*11

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