Cool and Blue (Swi)

"Bird & Fats" Charlie Parker Quintet Live At Birdland 1950

Cool and Blue 103

* 1950/05/17      Charlie Parker Quintet    'Birdland', NYC
Fats Navarro (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Bud Powell (p); Walter Bishop, Jr. (p); Curley Russell (b);
Tommy Potter (b); Art Blakey (ds); Roy Haynes (d); "Little" Jimmy Scott (voc).

  1.52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) 1:39*
  2.Wahoo (J.McConologue) 6:31*
  3.Dizzy Atmosphere (D.Gillespie) 6:47*
  4.The Street Beat(C.Thompson) 9:24*
  5.Out of Nowhere(Green-Heyman) 6:17*
  6.Little Willie Leaps(M.Davis) 5:20*
  7.52nd Street Theme(T.Monk) 0:21*
  8.Night in Tunesia(Gillespie-Pararelli) 5:35*
  9.Move(D.Best) 6:27*
10.Ornithology(Parker-Harris) 7:48*
11.52nd Street Theme(T.Monk) 1:30*
12.Embraceable You -vc JS (G. & I.Gershwin) 6:20*
13.Cool Blues (C.Parker) 6:50*
14.52nd Street Theme(T.Monk) 2:10*

Charlie Parker: Bird At Carnegie Hall

Cool and Blue 105

*1 1947/09/29      Dizzy Gillespie Quintet, featuring Charlie Parker    'Carnegie Hall', NYC
Dizzy Gillespie (tp); Charlie Parker (as); John Lewis (p); Al McKibbon (b); Joe Harris (ds).

*2 1949/12/24      Charlie Parker Quintet    'VOA' concert, 'Carnegie Hall', NYC
Red Rodney (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Al Haig (p); Tommy Potter (b); Roy Haynes (ds);
'Symphony Sid' Torin (m.c.); Leonard Feather (ann).

*3 1952/11/14B      Charlie Parker - Dizzy Gillespie Sextet    concert 'D.Ellington 25th Anniversary', 'Carnegie Hall'
Charlie Parker (as); Dizzy Gillespie (tp); Walter Bishop Jr. (p); Walter Yost (b);
Roy Haynes (ds); Candido (cga).

*4 1954/09/25      Charlie Parker Quartet    Concert, 'Carnegie Hall', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); John Lewis (p); Percy Heath (b); Kenny Clarke (ds); Bob Garrity (m.c.).

  1.Night in Tunesia (Gillespie-Pararelli)5:05*1
  2.Dizzy Atmosphere (D.Gillespie)3:59*1
  3.Groovin' High (Parker-Gillespie)5:14*1
  4.Confirmation (C.Parker)5:40*1
  5.Ko - Ko (C.Parker)4:09*1
  6.Introduction by Symphony Sid1:03*2
  7.Ornithology (Parker-Harris)4:31*2
  8.Cheryl (C.Parker)5:11*2
  9.Ko - Ko (C.Parker)5:15*2
10.Bird of Paradise (C.Parker)6:10*2
11.Now's the Time (C.Parker)5:23*2
13.Night in Tunesia (Gillespie-Pararelli)7:30*3
14.52nd Street Theme (T.Monk)2:19*3
15.The Song Is You (Kern-Hammerstein)4:25*4
16.My Funny Valentine (Rodgers-Hart)2:07*4
17.Cool Blues (C.Parker)2:54*4

Charlie Parker at Birdland and Cafe Society

Cool and Blue 108

*1 1952/09/20     Charlie Parker Quartet    'Birdland', 1678 Broadway, NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Duke Jordan (p); Charles Mingus (b); Phil Brown (ds); Bob Garrity (ann).

*2 1952/11/01     Charlie Parker with the Milt Jackson Quartet    'Birdland', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Milt Jackson (vb); John Lewis (p); Percy Heath (b); Kenny Clarke (ds);
Bob Garrity (ann)

*3 1950/06_07/00     Charlie Parker Quintet with Tony Scott    'Cafe Society' NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Kenny Dorham (tp); Al Haig (p); Tommy Potter (b); Roy Haynes (ds).

*4 1950/03/00     Charlie Parker Quintet    with Tony Scott & Brew Moore 'Cafe Society' NYC
Kenny Dorham (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Tony Scott (cl); Unknown (ts); Dick Hyman (p); Irv Lang (b); Irv Kluger (ds).

  1. Ornithology (C. Parker-B. Harris)  5:52*1
  2. 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk)  4:58*1
  3.How High the Moon (N. Hamilton-M. Lewis)  5:45*2
  4.Embraceable You (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)  3:08*2
  5.52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) [incomplete]  0:22*2
  6.52nd Street Theme (T. Monk)  0:39*3
  7.Just Friends (J. Klenner-S. Lewis)  3:09*3
  8.April in Paris (E.Y. Harburg-V. Duke)  3:34*3
  9.52nd Street Theme (T. Monk)  0:37*3
10.Just Friends (J. Klenner-S. Lewis)  3:13*3
11.April in Paris (E.Y. Harburg-V. Duke)  3:19*3
12.Bewitched (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) [incomplete]
- Summertime (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin-D. Heyward)
13.I Cover the Waterfront (E. Heyman-J.W. Green)
- Gone with the Wind (H. Magidson-A. Wrubel)
14.Easy to Love (C. Porter) - 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk)  4:43*3
15.Lover Come Back to Me (S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein)18:07*4
16.52nd Street Theme (T. Monk)  1:44*4

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