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Miles Davis / Out Of Nowhere
Miles Davis

ZYX Music PDI 6108-2

*1 1947/11/04      Charlie Parker Quintet    Dial Records, WOR Studio, New York City
Charlie Parker (as); Miles Davis (tp); Duke Jordan (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (ds).

*2 1945/04/24      Rubberlegs Williams with Herbie Fields' Band    WOR Studios, NYC
Miles Davis (tp); Herbie Fields (ts, cl); Rubberlegs Williams (voc); Teddy Brannon (p); Leonard Gaskin (b); Ed Nicholson (ds).

*3 1947/08/14      Miles Davis All-Stars    Savoy records, 'Harry Smith Studios', NYC
Miles Davis (tp); Charlie Parker (ts); John Lewis (p); Nelson Boyd (b); Max Roach (ds).

*4 1947/12/17      Charlie Parker Sextet    Dial Records, 'WOR Studios', NYC
Charlie Parker (as); Miles Davis (tp); J. J. Johnson (tb); Duke Jordan (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (ds).

*5 1946/03/28      Charlie Parker Septet    Dial Rec., Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood
Miles Davis (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Lucky Thompson (ts); Dodo Marmarosa (p); Vic McMillan (b); Arvin Garrison (g); Roy Porter (ds).

*6 1946/10/18      Earl Coleman, Ann Baker:     Radio Recorders Studios, Los Angeles, Ca.
Miles Davis (tp); Gene Ammons (ts); Connie Wainwright (g); Linton Garner (p); Tommy Potter (b); Art Blakey (ds); Earl Coleman (vcl, -9) , Ann Baker (vbl, -13, 16).

*7 1947/12/21      Charlie Parker Quintet    Savoy Records, 'United Sound Studios', Detroit

  1.Out Of Nowhere (E. Heyman-J. Green) [take 1]4:07*1
  2.Bring It On Home 2:51*2
  3.Milestone (M. Davis) [take 3] 2:47*3
  4.How Deep Is The Ocean (I. Berlin) [take 1 (master)]3:24*4
  5.Pointless Mama Blues 2:52*2
  6.A Night In Tunisia (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) [take 5]3:05*5
  7.That's The Staff You Gotta Watch 3:06*2
  8.Ornithology (C. Parker-B. Harris) [take 4]3:02*5
  9.Don't Sing Me The Blues 2:56*6
10.Drifting On A Reed (C. Parker) [take 4]2:53*4
11.My Old Flame (A. Johnston-S. Coslow)3:15*1
12.Bluebird (C. Parker) [take 1]2:55*7
13.Baby, Won't You Make Up Your Mind 3:12*6
14.Sippin' At Bells (M. Davis) [first take 1 / master take 2] 3:18*3
15.Deep Sea Blues 3:15*2
16.I've Always Got The Blues 3:08*6

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