PR, Friday evening, concert, 'Town Hall', New York City, June 22, 1945.

Dizzy Gillespie (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Don Byas (ts, - b); Al Haig (p); Curley Russell (b); Max Roach (ds);
Sidney Catlett (ds, -f & g) ; Symphony Sid Torin (mc).

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Introduction (s.s.torin)

Uptown 27.51
"And once again -- all you cats and chicks, too, how 'bout that? -- after all, some of you listen to my show... (Laughter.) Once again we're gonna start our... modern concert, give you time to relax, we've given you a whole lot of time, haven't we? What? Gonna have...? That I promise you, a whole lotta fun. Only because the New Jazz Foundation makes it so, bringing to you the greatest musicians in the country, I know, ah, I'm almost sure now, by now, that you know the line-up. We're gonna start off with Dizzy Gillespie and his quintet, featuring Charlie Parker on alto -- I don't know whether Charlie has come in yet, but we've got Don Byas workin', standing by. So we're gonna start with the Dizzy Gillespie quintet featuring Charlie Parker and Don Byas; Max Roach; Al Haig, the boy I've been tellin' you about, who right after the concert leaves for Woody Herman's orchestra; and Curley Russell. I want you to watch Max Roach, he's really a fine drummer, he's really killin', and I know he's gonna knock you out. And right now here they are, the boys, Dizzy Gillespie, his quintet, doing 'Bebop'..."

Uptown 27.51
Introduction (s.s.t.)

Uptown 27.51
"Well, that's startin' things off, and, we're really gonna jump long this evening because you've waited a long time. We're not gonna waste too much time and give you the next tune. Here it is, 'A Night in Tunisia' or, what do we call it? 'Interlude'..."
A Night In Tunisia

Uptown 27.51
Introduction (s.s.t.)

Uptown 27.51
"Well, that's our boy, our boy Dizzy Gillespie, his quintet, we keep right on jumpin', all you fine people out there... (Laughter.) How 'bout a little of, uh, the record they made, the one I play so much, 'Groovin' High'..."
Groovin' High

Uptown 27.51
Introduction (s.s.t.)

Uptown 27.51
"Ah, all that pretty music, I stand back there and kill myself... At least I have a ball too, if you don't mind. Well, coming up we have the quintet once again, and a thing that Dizzy wrote, and, uh, all the lyrics are out of this world. I mean, they're so... they're, they're really, they're really killer. So here's Dizzy Gillespie, his group again, with this masterpiece, but jumps like mad, 'Salt Peanuts'..."
Salt Peanuts

Uptown 27.51
Introduction (s.s.t., S.Catlett)

Uptown 27.51
Symphony Sid: "Well, how 'bout that, wasn't that really great? (Laughter and applause.) Well, that's the New Jazz Foundation for you, always trying to bring you the greatest musicians and giving everybody a chance to really get with it. Uh, hold the phone... We have a little surprise for you, well, not really a surprise, it's just a... little change in program. How would you like to hear Sidney Catlett? (Applause.) Sidney Catlett? That's our... That's our boy, that's our boy Sidney Catlett?" Catlett: "Your namesake." Symphony Sid: "Oh, name me. Uh, of course you know all know he's working over at Billy Rose's Concert Varieties, and we're supposed to have him a little later in the program, however, he's gotta get back to the show, so here's Sidney Catlett with... what tune did you say?" Catlett: "A little thing we recorded with Dizzy. What's the name of that thing, Dizzy? Tadd Dameron's tune?" (Laughter.) Gillespie: "Uhh..." Catlett: "Choking... Take that name back. That's a hell of a spot. Max, what you doing, man? Jeez..."
Hot House

Uptown 27.51
Introduction (s.s.t.)

Uptown 27.51
"Now look, Sidney Catlett has got to go back to, to do that..." (Applause.)
52nd Street Theme

Uptown 27.51
Closing anno.(S.Sid Torin)

Uptown 27.51
"Well, thanks, boys... And I know, I know a lotta you people out there really had yourselves a fine time, just as we did the first time at the concert, when the New Jazz Foundation presented the great Dizzy Gillespie, and we hope in the future that we'll be able to have him again..."


All titlesUptown 27.51"TOWN HALL, NEW YORK CITY, JUNE 22, 1945 / D.GILLESPIE / C.PARKER"
All titlesDefinitive Records DRCD 11250"TOWN HALL CONCERT NEW YORK, 1945"
f, j Philology Volume 67 (W 898 [CD-R])"BIRD'S EYES, LAST UNISSUED, Vol.67"