PR, (Acetate), Unknown venue, Unknown city, Unknown 1947 (?)

Charlie Parker (as); Unknown (p); Unknown (b); Unknown (ds).

a How High the Moon (fragment) -inc.1:21 

Philology Vol.26
b Indiana (fragment) -inc.1:03 

Philology Vol.26
c The Man I Love (fragment)-inc.1:32 

Philology Vol.26


These three tunes are included as a single item on Philology Volume 26. The item sounds like a single acetate comprising
the fragments of "How High the Moon" (0:00-1:21), "Indiana" (1:35-2:38), and "The Man I Love" (2:43-4:17).
These all sound as if they were recorded during the Hi-De-Ho engagement, though the quality is slightly worse than
on the issued Benedetti material.

All titlesPhilology (I) W.857"BIRD'S EYES, LAST UNISSUED, Volume 26" (CD-R)
All titlesPhilology (I) W 857 (Revised) [CD-R]"BIRD'S EYES, VOLUME 26" (Revised) [CD-R]
bPhilology (I) W.891"BIRD'S EYES, LAST UNISSUED, Volume 60" (CD-R)