CHARLIE PARKER, guest artist.

PR, 'TV-Show', 'Channel 5', 'BROADWAY OPEN HOUSE', NYC, Tuesday, October 31, 1950.

Mikeey Bloom, unknown (tp-1); Charlie Parker (as); unknown (p); unknown (g); unknown (b); Unknown (ds); Milton DeLugg (band leader,accordion);
Ray Malone (tap-dancing-2); Dagmar + guests, Jerry Lester (ann); Buddy Lester (ann,voc).

Introduction (Jerry and Buddy Lester)

Phi. W851.2
JL: "It's a pleasure to have the king of the horns with us tonight." CP: "Thank you very much, Jerry, it's a pleasure to be here." JL: "You look real George (?) tonight." BL: "Hey Bird, wouldya play one of the tunes that you played down at Birdland tonight? Willya? Wouldya do that?" BL: "Well sure, get in a good spot, get in the place we marked off in chalk. (We don't mark off anything in chalk.) Right? Is that it?" DeLugg: "Kick us off, Charlie. How fast?" CP: "'Bout like this..."

Phi. W851.2
Introduction (Dagmar)

Phi. W851.2
"Will you play that tune that I like so much, 'Donna Lee'?"
Donna Lee (-1,2)

Phi. W851.2
Introduction (Jerry and Buddy Lester)

Phi. W851.2
Clowning around: "Ain't nobody gonna ask for it? Yeah? I'll ask ya. Can we have another blues? I feel it. Charlie? Go, you kick it off, be the M-I-S-tro (Slower tempo.) Yeah, now you're in my field..."
Broadway Open House Blues (unknown vcl,-1)-inc.0:47

Phi. W851.2
Introduction (Jerry Lester)

Phi. W851.2
JL: Ah, it's getting a little late. What do you suggest? Various: 'Good Time Charlie'! (some music) JL: Right now, ah, excuse me. The other night, as you remember... (splice at 0:12) Audience: Stop, look, and listen! JL: Ladies and gentlemen, I've just been informed to finish up the thing about Schrafft's, but I don't know the thing about Schrafft's. Apparently, there was supposed to have been a note as an award, and I am deeply grateful to Schrafft's for it. Thank you very much, Sam and Bella Schrafft... And thanks, thank you very much for being such an enchanting group tonight (and you folks at home too), ah, how do you feel? Audience: George! JL: Everything George? Charlie Parker, it was a delight to have you with us. And to Jose Ferrer, who had to leave early, I'm deeply grateful. Did you folks have a good time? (Applause.) Are you available? Charlie, willya join us?
Almost Like Being In Love
-inc. (-vcl by all guests, -1)

Phi. W851.2
Closing theme? Everyone sings, Parker plays some nice obbligatos


These items were broadcast on Broadway Open House, Jerry Lester's TV show on Channel 5 in New York. Debuting in May 1950,
this was one of the first live late-night talk/variety shows, opening the door for NBC's Tonight Show and countless others.
Jerry and Buddy Lester hosted this show, aided by a busty blond straightwoman named Dagmar. Milton DeLugg, our accordionist,
was the bandleader, and tap dancer Ray Malone (who accompanies Parker on "Donna Lee") was a regular.

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