RB, 'Station WCOP', 'Hi Hat Club', Columbus Avenue And Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MASS., Sunday, June 14, 1953.

Herb Pomeroy(tp); Charlie Parker(as); Dean Earl(p); Bernie Griggs(b); Bill "Baggy" Grant(ds); 'Symphony Sid' Torin(m.c.).

Announcement (Symphony Sid Torin, Parker)

SS: "Yutfagel, it's awfully nice having you. We discussed this once before this week..." CP: "Yes, Sid, it's always a pleasure to be back in Boston, too." SS: "You like Boston, don't you?" CP: "Of course." SS: "You like it as much as I do?" CP: "I think so." SS: "Well, I'm makin' this my home, Dad." CP: "Yeah, well I already started building a home elsewhere, but I mean if I hadn't started already I most likely would pick this too." SS (laughs): "Well, it's nice of you to say that. Bird, it's been a pleasure to have you here all of this week, and way up until 1:00 this morning. What are we gonna do first?" CP: "Oh, I don't know, I think wefll start the brewin' with some 'Cool Blues'." SS: "You want some 'Cool Blues'? All right, Dad, blow...
Cool Blues

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin)

"Now we'd like to do one of the very famous things that you all ask for when you call for Charlie Parker. Here's 'Scrapple from the Apple'..."
Scrapple From The Apple

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin, Parker)

SS: "These are Boston boys, aren't they?" CP: "Yes, Sidney, everybody here is local talent. I'm very well satisfied with it, too -- I enjoyed myself tremendously during the week I was here." SS: "Who do we have on trumpet?" CP: "Herb Pomeroy." SS: "How 'bout a big hand..." CP: "Very accomplished trumpet player..." SS: "On piano?" CP: "That's Davy... [unidentified band member says 'Earl, Dean Earl....'] ...Earl." SS: "Dean Earl." CP: "Dean Earl, Dean Earl on piano... Bernie Griggs on bass... And Bill Grant on drums. A rousing round of applause for the whole band, ladies and gentlemen..." SS: "Go ahead, baby, you take over. Go ahead..." CP: "Well, Sidney, I thought we would keep the program underway by playing a tune I've had requests for during last night and none's come in so far today but anyway, before they do, we'll continue the program with 'Laura'..."

'Symphony Sid' talks and Bird introduce the next tune

"Ah, that was beautiful. I hope you enjoyed that as much outside as we did here. Listening to the fellas of rhythm, Charlie Parker [undecipherable], makes for a real beautiful, beautiful sound. And don't forget, Bird will be here right up until one o'clock this morning, so if you've got eyes for musical entertainment, this is the spot for you. Don't forget the Hi-Hat, at the jazz corner of Boston, Columbus and Mass Avenue, where there's never a cover charge, where you can sit back and relax and really dig the great Yutfagel, Charlie Parker..."


Two additional tunes ("Cheryl" and "Ornithology") are often placed with these, but given the quotation from "Santa Claus is Coming to
Town" during Parker's solo on "Ornithology," I suspect that the date for these three titles is really closer to Christmas.
There is a lot of uncertainty about the dates for these 1952-1954 Boston live sessions.

All titlesFresh Sound (Sp) FSCD-1006"BIRD IN BOSTON : LIVE AT THE HI HAT 1953-54 VOL.1"
All titlesPhilology (I) Vol.45 (W 876) [CD-R]"BIRD'S EYES, VOLUME 45"[CD-R]
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