RB, 'Station WCOP', 'Hi Hat Club', Columbus Avenue And Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MASS., Monday, January 18, 1954.

Herbie Williams (tp); Charlie Parker (as); Rollins Griffith (p); Jimmy Woode (b); Marquis Foster (ds); 'Symphony Sid' Torin (m.c.).

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin)

SS: "...Well, a lot of people dig the kind of thing that, well, you've been doing and we've been talking about for a long, long time, and as I said, it's a real ball to have you in Boston, so from now until the end of your set, blow, Dad. Go!" CP: "Okiedoke..."

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin)

SS: "Ah, yes, that's a wonderful, wonderful thing, it brings back a lot of memories. Charlie Parker, the All-Stars, and we hope you enjoyed it. Right now, Bird, what do think we ought to do, or do you just want to blow? " CP: "I think we'll play a little bit of 'It Came to Me from Out of Nowhere'." SS: "'It Came to Me from Out of Nowhere', a beautiful thing, beautiful ballad..."
Out Of Nowhere

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin)

SS: Everybody, a great big hand for Charlie Parker and the boys. All this is coming to you directly from the Hi-Hat, jazz corner of Boston, Columbus and Mass Avenue, giving you a little taste over our WCOP microphones of the great gentleman of jazz Mr...., well my familiar name for Charlie Parker is Aelish Yutfagel (?). Nice having you, baby. What are we gonna do now? CP: Well, I think we'll do something we've had requests for in the earlier part of the night, entitled 'Cool Blues'... SS: 'Cool Blues'... Go!
Cool Blues

Introduction (Symphony Sid Torin)

SS: How about a great big hand for a bunch of swingin' guys? May I introduce you to the gentlemen of the band -- of course Charlie Parker on alto, Herbie Williams on trumpet, Rollins Griffith on piano, Jimmy Woode on bass, and Marquis Foster on drums. How about a great big hand for the entire band? Come on, everybody... Wow, is your house swinging! Well, Bird, we've got about four-and-three-quarter minutes left till the end of the show, what will you wind it up with? CP: This being the last tune, I think we'll conclude with a number that we've had requests for also, 'Scrapple from the Apple'. SS: Crazy, Dad, blow!
Scrapple From The Apple (with voiceover)-inc.4:30

Parker muffs a phrase in the opening theme (0:24); Williams begins his solo with a quick allusion to "Country Gardens" (1:40-1:41), and also alludes to "Cool Blues" (2:08-2:10); Griffith quotes a few notes of "Straight, No Chaser" during his solo (3:31-3:35). Voiceover from 3:54-4:29: "I hate to be a drag and cut the band off, but time is growing short. Don't forget, Charlie Parker and the All-Stars will be here right up until 1:00 this morning. They'll be here all week long, and then on Sunday we'll have an afternoon jazz concert Sunday afternoon, and then again till Sunday night, Monday morning. Try to make it here at the Hi-Hat, at the jazz corner of Boston, Columbus and Mass Avenue, Charlie Parker, the greatest gentleman of modern progressive jazz, that's made it possible, and we're awfully proud to have him here. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, until tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon, over WBMS, this is your boy Symphony Sid saying 'I dig you the most'..." Faded out at 4:30


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