Dial Discography
Session 1(Monday, February 4, 1946)
1000George Handy as "Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen" (Septet)

Session 2(Thursday, February 7, 1946)
1001-1005Dizzy Gillespie as "Tempo Jazz Men" and "Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen" (Sextet)

Session 3(Thursday, March 28, 1946)
1010-1013Charlie Parker Septet

Session 4(Monday, July 29, 1946)
1021-1023Charlie Parker Quintet
1024-1026as: Howard McGhee Jam Band, and Howard McGhee Quartet

Session 5(Thursday, September 21, 1946)
1031-1035The Hermanites (Sonny Berman, leader)
1031Sonny Berman's Big Eight
1032Sonny Berman [sic] Big Eight
1033Bill Harris Big Eight
1034Bill Harris valve trombones solo
1035Variously as: Ralph Burns Quintet, The Mad Monks,
and Serge Chaloff All Stars

Session 6(Friday, October 18, 1946)
1040-1044Howard McGhee Sextet featuring Dodo Marmarosa

Session 7(Wednesday, February 19, 1947)
1051-1052Charlie Parker Quartet featuring Earl Coleman vocal. Later issued as "Earl Coleman accompanied by Charlie Parker" [Quintet].
1053-1054Charlie Parker Quartet featuring Erroll Garner, piano
1055-1056Erroll Garner Trio

(Block 1061 through 1069 not used)

Session 8(Wednesday, February 26, 1947)
1071-1074Charlie Parker All Stars (Septet)

Session 9(Tuersday, June 5, 1947)
1081-1082Dexter Gordon Quintet

Session 10(Tuersday, June 12, 1947, extention of June 5th session)
1083-1084Dexter Gordon-Wardell Gray
1085-1087Dexter Gordon Quartet

Session 11(Tuersday, June 10, 1947)
1091-1098Erroll Garner, solo piano

Session 12(Tuersday, October 28, 1947)
1101-1106Charlie Parker Quintet (D-1105 shown as "C.Parker accompanied by..." on Dial 1032-A)

Session 13(Tuersday, November 4, 1947)
1111-1116Charlie Parker Quintet

Session 14(Wednesday, November 12, 1947. Note:Masters are out of numerical sequence. See explanation following description of Session 15 below)
1131-1135Dodo Marmarosa Trio

Session 15(Tuersday, December 3, 1947)
1121-1129Howard McGhee/James Moody as "James Moody Orchestra" and "James Moody Sextet")
1124:Dial 1037-A "Night Music" shown as "Hank Jones Fantasy for Piano and Jazz Band" (mx.D-1124-B)
1130Howard McGhee:titled"Night in Abyssinia," but dubbed from a Philo recording(Dial mx. D-1130-A, actually Philo mx. Van 201)

Session 16(Tuersday, December 4, 1947)
1141-1142Dexter Gordon Quartet
1143-1144A Battle of the Saxes: Dexter Gordon-Teddy Edwards
1145Teddy Edwards [Quartet] accompanied by...

Session 17(Wednesday, December 17, 1947)
1151-1156Charlie Parker Sextet
1155:Dial 1034-A shown as "C.Parker Sextet" for mx. D-1155-DDD
1155:Dial 1034-B shown as "C.Parker Alto Sax, accompanied by C.Parker Sextet" on "Crazeology II--3 ways of Playing a Chorus," mx. D-1155-ABX ["Masters A,B & C 1155"]

Session 18(Monday, November 29, 1948 ? )
1161-1165Earl Coleman and His All Stars
1166Fats Navarro Quintet

Comet Session(Wednesday, June 6, 1945)
T8 - T11Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet

Chuck Kopely's Apartment Session(February 1, 1947)
K-901-K903Charlie Parker